Eric Goldstein

Eric A. Goldstein is a senior attorney and NYC Environment Director at the Natural Resources Defense Council. More than three decades ago, he helped create NRDC’s Urban Program. He gained nationwide attention in the early 1980s for spearheading the public campaign to get lead out of gasoline. Since then, Eric has been one of the New York region’s leading environmental advocates on such issues as solid waste, drinking water, clean air and environmental justice. He helped draft, support and enforce New York City’s landmark 1989 mandatory recycling law and has led NRDC New York efforts to transform the way trash is handled -- from primary reliance on landfilling and incineration to making recycling, composting, waste prevention and equity the cornerstones of waste policy. In addition, Eric has been a force in administrative, legislative and litigation efforts on behalf of millions of water consumers, seeking to safeguard the downstate drinking water supply via comprehensive pollution prevention and watershed protection strategies. He is co-author of the award-winning New York Environment Book, blogs frequently on New York environmental issues and co-directs the Environmental Law Clinic at New York University School of Law.