Fuel Oil Phaseout

Environmental Advocates Support this Bill


This bill reduces harmful air pollution and cuts greenhouse gas emissions by phasing-out and ultimately prohibiting the use of heavy fuel oils at State facilities. New York City successfully eliminated the use of number six heating oil and is in the process of helping building owners transition off number four heating oil. Westchester County is on track to eliminate the use of both fuels by 2020.

Burning heavy fuel oils is bad for the environment and public health. Boilers utilizing number six and number four heating oil emit high levels of life-threatening pollutants, like particulate matter, that can trigger asthma attacks, contribute to heart disease, lung cancer, and premature death. Children and older adults are especially susceptible to the effects of air pollution.

This legislation improves air quality and reduces risks to public health. As the state transitions from heavy fuel oils we urge that all replacement heating systems be powered by clean, renewable energy.


This bill adds a new section to Article 19 of the Environmental Conservation Law to prohibit the use of heavy fuel oils in buildings owned or operated by the state. The legislation requires the phase-out of number six fuel oil by 2020 and number four fuel oil by 2022. The bill allows municipalities to set more stringent requirements.

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