Environmental Advocates Opposes this Bill


The clean energy industry supports more than 85,000 jobs at more than 7,500 businesses across New York State. One of the primary forces behind the development of New York’s clean energy economy is the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) through programs and initiatives that are lowering household and business energy bills, improving air quality and public health by bringing new renewable energy sources online, and fighting climate change by reducing greenhouse gas pollution.

The impending closure and decommissioning of the Indian Point Energy Center will have economic impacts that deserve a comprehensive transition plan for local governments, school districts, and communities. This bill rightly requires the development and implementation of plans and programs for workers affected by the shutdown of the nuclear facility. However, instead of directing the owner of the power plant to cover the costs of employee health assessments and retraining programs, this legislation requires NYSERDA to pay for them by cutting and redirecting funding from climate and clean energy programs.

While supportive of the intent of this legislation, Environmental Advocates opposes the diversion of funding driving the growth of New York’s clean energy economy to pay for it. When clean energy funds are diverted from their intended purpose, the jobs these funds create are lost.


This bill directs NYSERDA to reprogram funds dedicated to the development of clean energy resources and the economy to subsidize costs associated with the closure and decommissioning of the Indian Point Energy Center.    

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