- Albany County Takes Stand for Kids Health

For Immediate Release: January 7, 2015

Travis Proulx: 518-462-5526 x238, tproulx@eany.org

Albany County Takes Stand for Kids Health

Albany—Today, Albany County Executive Dan McCoy signed the county Legislature’s Local Law “J”, widely known as the Toxic-Free Toys Act. This act will ban the sale of children’s products – such as clothing, bedding and toys – within the county that are made with chemicals like arsenic, mercury and lead.

The following statement is from Environmental Advocates’ government affairs associate Saima Anjam.

“Albany County has shown leadership where the state and federal governments have failed: protecting kids health. For decades, chemical companies and manufacturers have gotten away with using known cancer-causing ingredients in their products, and keeping unsuspecting parents in the dark.

It is absurd that in 2015 manufacturers use arsenic to make toys.

We are proud of the hundreds of local families who joined the effort to pass this bill, and applaud County Executive McCoy and the Legislature, in particular sponsor Bryan Clenahan, for their leadership on this issue. We believe today’s action will inspire other communities to follow suit and that manufacturers nationwide will begin to realize that consumers will not buy children’s products secretly made with toxic chemicals.”