- Cuomo Commitment Shines Light on Need for Climate Action Plan

For Immediate Release: October 8, 2015

Cuomo Commitment Shines Light on Need for Climate Action Plan

Albany –Today, Governor Andrew Cuomo appeared with former Vice President Al Gore at Columbia University to announce his signing of the Under 2 MOU.

The following statement is attributable to Executive Director Peter Iwanowicz:

“It was great to hear Governor Cuomo reaffirm New York’s goal of cutting climate pollution 80-percent by 2050. It is a big deal and means no combustion of fossil fuels in New York in 35 years. What is still not clear, however, is whether the Governor’s goals are fully appreciated within his administration or what his plans are to achieve them.

The lack of a statewide Climate Action Plan leads to bad decisions.

For instance, this year’s state budget raided $41 million from the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) and delayed implementation of the Diesel Emissions Reduction Act of 2006 yet again. These types of decisions mean kids and seniors are breathing dirty air.

Additionally, the administration was attempting to repower shuttered coal fired power plants at the expense of consumers and clean air. And the Governor’s Department of Environmental Conservation nearly green-lit a plan to allow carbon intensive Tar Sands crude to move through the Port of Albany and down the Hudson River. Decisions that hurt our climate will end only when Governor Cuomo implements a Climate Action Plan that requires all state agencies to realign their actions toward meeting his commitments.

In 2006, California codified similar goals into law. New Yorkers need the Governor to deliver the road map that moves us forward and places into state law an 80-percent carbon pollution reduction by 2050, and the generation of half of our energy from clean renewables by 2030.”