- Cuomo's Crude Oil Train Inspections Not Enough

For Immediate Release: February 28, 2014Travis Proulx: tproulx@eany.org; 518-462-5526 x238

Cuomo’s Crude Oil Train Inspections Not Enough

Statement from Executive Director Peter Iwanowicz

“It is welcome news Governor Cuomo has directed his agencies which oversee and regulate the state’s rail lines to complete inspections. However, these inspections should be occurring on a regular basis – not just in times of growing public concern – and always released to the public. We know the DEC is far too understaffed to properly enforce many protections, and the DOT currently has just five rail inspectors statewide. It is clear from this first round that significantly more resources are needed to protect our communities.

Though the federal government will play a major role strengthening oversight and safety from the transport of crude oil, New York must lead on issues in-state.

Governor Cuomo singlehandedly controls the fate of the proposed Port of Albany boiler facility. His decision has statewide consequences. The Governor has recognized the dangers of transporting volatile crude by ordering this round of inspections and previously directing his agencies to propose state and federal reforms. His actions demonstrate New York is not prepared and as long as this crude is transported through our state, the safety of residents along the rail and shipping corridors is compromised.”