- Fracking Study First Test of Governor Cuomo’s Second Term

For Immediate Release: November 5, 2014

Fracking Study First Test of Governor Cuomo’s Second Term

Statement from Executive Director Peter Iwanowicz

“Governor Cuomo delayed decisions on several high profile issues that would have placed him at odds with the oil and gas industry as he headed into re-election. Now that the voters have given him another term, the Governor needs to start off on the right foot by acknowledging the growing dangers of fracking and commission a truly independent and transparent Health Impacts Assessment that follows accepted medical standards.

When determining the impacts on public health, it is especially important for the scientists to do their work without having to worry about the politics surrounding the issue.

Early this year, Governor Cuomo reaffirmed that the state has a commitment to reduce climate pollution a full 80 percent by 2050. The public still waits, however, for the comprehensive plan that will help us achieve this goal. It is an admirable promise, and one the Governor must keep by working with the Legislature in 2015 to identify meaningful ways to reduce carbon pollution. It is a promise that will be broken if we frack or allow Big Oil to use New York rails and ports as a means of getting Canadian tar sands oil to market.

Environmental Advocates of New York congratulates Governor Cuomo on his re-election. We hope, however, that he steps up as the public health and environmental champion New Yorkers want and deserve. New York needs his leadership on our changing climate, funding for clean energy, and fracking and oil trains, and the nation as a whole will once again benefit if New York shows how to tackle these challenges.”