- Senate Leader Jeff Klein Should Commit to Child Safe Products Act Passage

For Immediate Release: December 18, 2014

Travis Proulx: 518-462-5526 x238, tproulx@eany.org

Senate Leader Jeff Klein Should Commit to Child Safe Products Act Passage

Statement from Government Affairs Associate Saima Anjam

“Today, Senate co-leader Jeff Klein will release Toxic Tidings: Chemicals of Concern in Children’s Products. We applaud the senator for drawing attention to this important issue as most parents would never suspect that known cancer agents are in the toys and other products they purchase for their children. However, he must move beyond just talking about this problem – families need action that he can deliver on.

Right now in the state Senate there are 40 co-sponsors of the Child Safe Products Act, comprehensive legislation that will begin the reasonable and common-sense phase-out of products containing dangerous chemicals like arsenic, lead, and cadmium. Critically, the bill ensures that companies cannot simply switch out one banned chemical for another equally dangerous chemical not yet banned, as we saw in recent years with BPA. Only 32 votes are needed to pass this bill in the Senate. The hold up is inexcusable.

Environmental Advocates urges Senator Klein to commit upon release of today’s report to passage of the Child Safe Products Act when his chamber returns to Albany. It’s rumored that legislators could return this month for ‘special session’ to approve themselves a pay raise – the Child Safe Products Act has already passed the Assembly and can easily be made part of that day’s agenda. Absent a ‘special session’, the Legislature returns the first week of January. There is no reason, rationale or justification to wait any longer. As Senator Klein’s report notes, children’s health is knowingly being placed in harms way.

Yesterday, the state health commissioner noted that he would not want to raise his children in a community that fracks – no parent wants to give their child items made with carcinogens. As co-leader of his chamber, Senator Klein has had the power to get a vote on this bill for nearly two years. He should immediately commit to its passage.”