- Statement re: Assembly’s Climate Work Group

For Immediate Release: February 19, 2015

Statement re: Assembly’s Climate Work Group

Albany – Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie announced the formation of a Climate Change Work Group to explore state and federal level actions to reduce climate-altering air pollution and fight the effects of climate change.

The following statement is attributable to Air & Energy Director Conor Bambrick:

“While few states have experienced the devastation of climate change like ours, no one is better positioned to set the national standard for climate action than New York.

Environmental Advocates applauds Speaker Heastie, Chairman Steven Englebright and the members of the Climate Change Work Group for stepping up to lead this important conversation and to ensure action that cuts climate pollution and moves New York away from dirty fossil fuels of the past. Their commitment to climate action is critical as science comes under assault in Congress.

The members of this group represent communities that have experienced devastation firsthand; they also bring to the table a unique, in-depth knowledge on the breadth of issues that must be part of a comprehensive statewide climate action plan, like clean energy, energy efficiency and necessary controls on the pollution that is threatening the health and well-being of all New Yorkers.

We thank the Assembly for its climate leadership, and look forward to working with all legislators and Governor Cuomo to develop and enact a climate action plan that New Yorkers want, and which raises the bar for the country.”