- Statement re: Nomination of DEC Commissioner

For Immediate Release: October 2, 2015

Statement re: Nomination of DEC Commissioner

From Executive Director Peter Iwanowicz

“We congratulate Basil Seggos on his nomination – as commissioner he will have a lot on his plate, and we will be happy to partner with him to do what’s best for our environment and public health. There is nothing more important than for the Cuomo administration to implement a Climate Action Plan. Virtually every decision that is currently, and will come, before the DEC impacts our climate, as do the decisions made throughout state government. A plan will ensure everyone is rowing in the same direction. Following the Pope’s visit and call for action, as well as Governor Cuomo’s own promise to move away from all fossil fuels by 2050 and generate half of all energy from clean renewable sources within 15 years, the first orders of business must be the implementation of a Plan, as well as the enshrinement into law of the Governor’s goals. As the head of DEC, Mr. Seggos will play a critical role in delivering on those commitments.”